Let's Wash The Car!

Last weekend we decided that the car really needed to be washed. You know that it's dirty when you write on it with your finger and you uncover just another layer of dirt. So The Awesome One and the children minus the Eldest One set to work.

They seemed to very much enjoy it, although when he asked The Boy if they should make this a weekly thing, he replied with "umm....maybe more like once a month".

So maybe they didn't enjoy it quite as much as appearances would suggest!!

Little Miss P has been quite over the hot weather and struggling with it, so after her bath I took her outside to watch the others. She very much appreciated being naked outside. I guess it was a little change of pace for her.

It's all in the detail apparently...

Emily washes the roof

 Hmmm....Is that a scratch or dirt? It's a scratch.....Did I do that?! No, surely not?!

Rex did not like being sprayed with the hose, and chose to go sit in driveway as far away from the water as possible!

Veronica on the other hand, loved the water!

Such a fat, happy baby!

In other news, I became a bit of an exotic pet nursemaid in the last week. Shelley the Hermit Crab had been not very well at all after she had trouble molting and then was attacked by Cannibal the Hermit Crab (that's not his name but I've been calling him that for so long that I've actually forgotten his real name!). Cannibal wanted Shelley's pretty white shell very badly and took his shell envy out on her, and stole her shell. Shelley never really fully recovered, and this last week she started losing her legs one by one. 

It really was quite upsetting! We isolated her in a smaller tank but sadly she succumbed to her injuries and didn't make it through the night. So now we just have Cannibal the Killer Crab, and while all literature tells us that Hermit Crabs are social creatures who don't like to be alone, Cannibal seems quite happy to have the lovely big tank all to himself. The Social One is very concerned he might get lonely though, so chances are we'll have another crab in the not to distant future!

Then on Thursday morning I found an injured Gecko outside. He was alive, but it looked as though his tail had suffered a bit of a nasty cut. His tail and back legs were turning quite white so he had clearly lost a lot of blood. 

We put him in Shelley's old tank with some sand and grass and some water, and I put him under a lamp in the hopes that he would be able to recover. Sadly, Fred also succumbed to his injuries and didn't make it through the day.

As if to make up for it though, I found a baby Gecko under the box we keep the toilet paper in, when I moved it to paint the bathroom. He was tiny!! Maybe 2 cms all up, so not even an inch long. But he was very much alive and so I rescued him, named him Fred Junior and set him free outside. Made me feel somewhat better about Fred and Shelley.

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