In A Hurry To Grow Up.....

Noooooo!!!!! It wasn't supposed to happen. Little Miss Penelope was supposed to stay a baby for as long as absolutely possible. She on the other hand, doesn't agree with this prospect and wants to get bigger as quickly as possible!

She's been crawling properly for a little over two weeks now and she's a maniac about it. It's so funny how one minute they can still be figuring it all out and the next minute they're zooming off around the floor like there's no tomorrow at breakneck speed! Well, this Tuesday just gone she decided she would stand up. I was not a happy camper let me tell you! She did it a couple of times, pulling herself up on the furniture, being all wobbly and then falling down. But then she didn't do it for a couple of days so I relaxed a bit.

Then yesterday she decided "bugger this, I'm going to be a big kid!". And she stood up several times over the course of the afternoon and evening. She thought she was the bees knees, absolutely loving it. I cried. She's not supposed to do everything so fast! She's supposed to take her time! She's just a little too smart for her own good I think. She is eating proper food now, stuff with big chunks and she chews them up like a proper person. It's so funny to watch her eat her new favourite thing. There's these surfboard shaped rice rusk cracker things. They say 12 months on the box, but it also said they are suitable from when your baby could chew and swallow food properly. So I thought I'd give them a go and she loves them! They dissolve pretty well which means if she happens to bite off a bigger chunk than she can chew it's ok, but she eats one in quite literally a minute or two now.

The little Miss is also very vocal, chatterboxing away all day, usually very loudly, and she has learned to wave goodbye a little bit now too. She got her first tooth in the last week, and then yesterday I discovered the second one has just popped through as well. No wonder she's been cranky - 2 bottom teeth in the space of 4 days!!

So last night when she was standing at the footstools blocking off the kitchen it occurred to us that she is just desperate to be with her siblings. They were in the kitchen cleaning up and dammit, she wanted in as well!! So her determined streak (that's really rather dominant), saw her standing up wobbling like crazy, yelling at them while she banged one hand on the stools. That then meant she wasn't stable enough to stay upright and she'd fall down. Up she'd get again only to do it all over!

She's the earliest out of all five of them to crawl, babble, stand up and get teeth. I think she's going to follow the trend and walk well before any of the others did too....  *sigh*.......

 This was actually the second time she stood up on Tuesday. I wasn't quick enough to get a photo of the first time because I was standing there gawking in absolute shock!

 She's so happy though to be able to crawl around and get her toys. I just love playing with her during the day.

 So this was yesterday after school and she was trying to get to one of her siblings...

 Then playing on her rocking moose last night. She absolutely loves it!

 She thought she was so clever......

 Even when she fell down, she just got right back up again.....

I must admit though, that while it's a bit sad she wants to get bigger so quickly it's amazing watching her play with her brother and sisters. She just loves them so much, so I guess it's only natural she wants to be with them all the time!

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