Sleeping All Night and Other Updates!

It's been a little while since I posted on here so to make up for it you get to see Penelope in action! I'll have a few videos of the Little Miss later in the post so you can see her giggle and play.

So on to what's been happening around here the last week or so: well.....last night was a momentous occasion! Or should I say this morning? Little Miss Penelope slept all night for the very first time!!! Yep, that's right. I got a full 7 hours sleep in a row for the first time in over 6 months! I did wake around 5:30am and peered over into her cot from my bed. I could see her starting to stir a little so I closed my eyes and went back to blissful slumber and the next thing I knew it was 6:30am and she was happily talking to herself, wide awake and smiling.

She was happy to have big cuddles with her brother when he got up.

It was very exciting, so excuse me while I relish in the moment of what a full nights' sleep actually feels like!

The Eldest One has taken herself off to the other side of the country to stay with family and while I can't say it's been any quieter without her around, I definitely miss her! She will be home late on Friday the 31st, so just in time to get ready for the start of school the following Monday. While she has been there she got to be my representative at my Dad's book launch. You might remember I've told you all that he has written a book about his upbringing in the welfare system during the 50's and 60's. Well it's out now and available and he held a launch and book signing on Wednesday. I don't have any photos that I can post, but I can let you know if you'd like to get a copy of his book (which I highly recommend, it's possibly the best read you'll have all year), you can get one from Amazon HERE (available in kindle, hardcover and paperback).

Miss Emily is missing her very best friend in the world very much at the moment. Miss Olivia is with her family in Tasmania (which is not only on the other side of the country but not even on the mainland for those that don't know). So she's been a bit mopey and counting down the days till school starts cause that's when she'll see her again!

Little Dude had a sleepover at a friends' house and they went kayaking! All was fine and dandy until someone threw a crab at him. Then all was not fine and dandy, hahaha. He got over it though and from all accounts  had an awesome time.

The Social One has been working a lot, and being social when she's not working so hasn't spent a lot of time at home. She was however a little upset yesterday when we discovered one of her hermit crabs, Ernie, had died. Let me just say straight up, when you read that hermit crabs stink like dead fish when they die......there is no exaggeration! Oh my goodness did it stink in that tank! He had a good run; she got her Hermit Crabs for her birthday last year at the start of May, and we had bets on them only lasting a month. 8 months is pretty decent! Now she's worried about the other one, Shelly, becoming lonely and dying as well, so we're off to the pet store today to get another one.

The Awesome One has been adjusting to working 5 days a week after his recent increase in hours at work. At least he gets Saturdays off now, which will be truly awesome come netball season! I have been super duper busy getting ready for my art lessons which start in two weeks, applying for my very first artist residency and working on a new painting for the upcoming Mandjar art awards which is next month. Here's my entry. I love it.

Looking Back, Hesitation. 40 x40" Mixed Media on Canvas. c. Sarah Wherry

And so now onto some videos as promised - well that should actually read video as promised!  Apparently Blogger is not liking my videos at all, so I'll leave you with the one I can actually upload and I promise I'll try to figure it out and post some more in the next couple of days! (Or actually my wonderful husband will figure it out and fix it so that I can post some more, haha!).  This one is of me tickling her with my foot - she thought it was hilarious! *warning*there is squealing involved so prepare your ears!

 And I'll say sorry if the quality isn't great - it's from my phone and we're still figuring out how to get it to look better online!

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  1. Super cute and super awesome that she's finally slept all night..! I'll get some photos to you this weekend hopefully..not long now...:o) xxx

    1. Only two weeks to go! And yes, awesome!! But sadly it was a one night affair she was back to getting up twice last night. :(


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