Penelope Is On The Move! (Kind Of....)

She's just turned 6 months old and Little Miss Penelope is already on the move! Well...kind of anyway! A couple of weeks before Christmas she started rolling over both ways, and at the same time she started spinning herself around in circles on the floor. It was quite comical to watch. She actually scooted herself around on her back so she could touch the presents under the Christmas tree!

Then 5 days before Christmas she sat up by herself for the first time! She was wobbly and only lasted a few seconds but the joy on her little face was priceless!

She keeps practicing her exciting new skills (along with eating her own feet) and she can sit up much better now and is so close to crawling! She has also decided she loves 'real' food and she loves making a mess with it too.

 These photos were from the first day she sat up by herself for longer than a couple of seconds; the looks on her face were awesome! She was getting so excited at not falling over....then she fell over. ;)

It's been ridiculously hot here the last couple of days; we even broke a couple of records! Hottest January day since 2007 and last night was the hottest night on record ever for where we are. And yes, it felt it! So this morning Little Miss Penelope was a bit tired and hot. I put her in her gorgeous little bean bag and turned on Sesame Street. She does love the television, and she was a little bit enthralled.

So that's it for a Penelope update for a few days at least. I expect that it won't be too long and I'll be letting you all know that she's crawling! We're also starting to take bets on whether she'll say Mom or Mum first when she starts to babble, or maybe both. Who knows? 

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  1. Not long now for cuddles...she's a little aussie so it'll be Mum... xxx


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