Kings Park and Perth City

We went up to Kings' Park on the weekend, which is one of the largest inner city parks in the world. It beats out New York City's Central Park by a fair amount! It is a gorgeous park, a great place to take the kids for a day out. We only had the younger ones as The Eldest One was working and The Social One was being social with friends (she may have to curb her social life now though, seeing as she just got her very first after school job!). So we walked along the tree top bridge walk there, and saw the War Memorials as well as some stunning plants and views across the city and the Swan River. The kids marveled at the water spouts in the ponds and rolled down the green grass like kids should do! We had a picnic lunch, watched by a curious crow and reminded the kids that they needed to use this as practice for when we are sightseeing in America later this year. 

It did occur to me that being a tourist in your own city is not only a great way to see your city through 'new' eyes so to speak, but it also serves as great practice for kids when you are planning a big trip. It teaches them what the expectations are when they are not in their home environment, so I think we'll be doing a lot more of it this year!

 Perth sits on the beautiful Swan River, and is a very picturesque city. Not sure what the weird black things are on my camera lens, so please ignore those in the picture!

Boab trees are so weird looking, I just love them!

This is a Queensland Bottle Tree - another weirdly wonderful example of nature's coolness factor!

 I love seeing the kids be kids; rolling around on the grass is so much fun! No the stack of suitcases in the background is not some horrible dump, but rather the setting for the Shakespeare In The Park series of outdoor theatre productions held each summer here.

 Of course we needed to get lots of pictures of the little Miss, who was just so happy!

Those eyes are not quite brown, not quite grey....kind of a weird slate brown colour: undefinable and unique.

Somebody was trying to grab a sneaky nap on the lovely soft grass under a tree....

So much fun on the playground!

Miss Emily was looking very sombre but actually was having a wonderful time!

We also went up to Perth City while my friend was staying with us. It's such a pretty city, and because it's not overly large it's really a nice day out that doesn't kill your feet. So we went up on the train because it's way easier than trying to park in the city and the Little Dude loves it. 

So apparently does the Little Miss...

Miss Emily is taking cues from her older sisters and practicing being a teenager. When we got on the train the two seats closer to her were taken, then at the first station stop those people got off. I asked the girls if they wanted to move up to be closer to us. They answered with a definite 'no.' Hmm....

And so this is what happens after a day of looking around shops! Little Miss Penelope was just so tired that she fell asleep sitting up on my lap while I fed her. Life's hard when you are just about 6 months old!

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