Christmas, New Year Celebrations and Some Birthdays Too!

Phew! It's only a week into 2014 and it's already been busy! First up I thought I'd post just a couple of pictures from Christmas. It was so fun, and so relaxing!We spent Christmas eating, watching movies and going to the beach. We Skyped with family and friends and saw friends here. It was so good! Little Miss Penelope seemed a little bewildered by the whole concept, but seemed to enjoy it I think!

The looks on their faces opening the new Fairy Floss maker (cotton candy for all you non-Aussies!) OVERJOYED!!

Little Miss Penelope didn't really get all the commotion but I did think it was amusing to see her surrounded by presents in her walker, trying to eat some of hers! No, they aren't all her gifts but rather some of her sisters' as well! 

After the Christmas chaos was done, we had Miss Emily's birthday! Her and her best friend in the entire world, Miss Olivia both turned 12 in the space of a month. So we decided to hold them a joint party at Miss Olivia's house. Therefore it was a pool party, and very much appreciated by the two misses in question!

 Little Miss Siena wanted in to that pool so badly! The girls swam and listened to the oh so lovely (not) One Direction, and squealed like only 12 year old girls can squeal. They ate slushies and fairy floss and had a sausage sizzle lunch followed by cake.

Then my oldest friend in the world (and I mean oldest by how long we've known each other, not age seeing as she is only a couple of weeks' older than me!) came to visit for a week. New Years' Eve is also her birthday, so after she arrived we spent it with friends having a good old time. We may have had a little better time than first thought, seeing as we had to walk home around 2am and pick up the car later on New Years' Day!! Luckily we only live around the corner! Both babies surprisingly (or was kinda noisy!) saw in the new year. Definitely surprising was how relatively un-cranky they were!

This was taken pretty close to the magical midnight mark!

We have also spent a lot of time at the beach in the last couple of weeks; almost every time, this is what Little Miss Penelope ends up doing.

Wrapped in a towel sleeping off all the sunscreen that was meticulously applied....

We've also been up to Perth City and been to Kings' Park as well, but more about that in tomorrow's post. :)

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  1. Busy, busy, can't wait to go to the beach with my camera again...and the children of course... :o) xxx

    1. We are ALWAYS busy these days! But that's ok, makes life interesting I guess. :)


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