Rex Gets A Haircut, Penelope Goes Swimming and The Elf Gets Very Cheeky!

With our ridiculous record heat over here at the moment (it's sat right around the 40 degree or 102F for 5 days or so), I decided that I just couldn't put off giving Rex a haircut any longer! His black fur just attracts the heat, and even with having them inside for a few days while the fence was being fixed he was still so hot!

He was not happy with the idea of getting a haircut though, and because of his resistance and my back just about breaking from 2+ hours of hunching over him cutting and shaving hair, his fur is still nowhere near as short as it should be! But it's better than nothing and I'm sure he feels better now.

He was not a happy camper when I made him lay down and began to cut away the matted clumps on his back legs!

 Most of the time I needed to have my leg across his head like this to keep him still.....he looks oh so impressed right??!

 After a couple of hours, this is what my kitchen floor looked like....

And Rex would not come anywhere near me! He ran and sat under the table and would not come out! Veronica on the other hand seems quite fine and dandy!

This is the end result....not as short as I wanted it, but it'll do for now!

On Sunday afternoon we went around to a friends house and had a bit of a splash in their pool. This was Penelope's first time in a pool and the reaction was not a good one! She was not happy!! But she did look very cute in her little swim nappy and hat!
She does love hanging out with her very best friend in the entire world, Little Miss Siena. But even Siena's joy about being in the pool was not enough to entice Miss Penelope to want to stay in there!

I thought I'd also share some more of what our very cheeky elf Bernard has been up to! We have found him in so many places - he has had a couple of parties with other toys; notably the Transformers (who kind of ganged up on him if you ask me!), and Barbie. He has ridden a Barbie horse, climbed into the Little Dudes' lego table and made a mess of the lego! One morning we found him trying to fry an egg, and another morning saw him jumping out of the Weetbix cereal box! Today we found him in the fridge, unwrapping a present that The Social One had wrapped and put in there for her secret santa at school! Cheeky cheeky Bernard is heard more often than not around the house these days!

I wonder where we'll find him tomorrow morning!?

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  1. poor Rex! Hopefully little miss will grow to love the water...maybe! Starting a countdown again now.. :o) xxx

    1. I think she will, and yes...less than 2 months! :) Never mind poor Rex, he loves it now he's so much cooler!

  2. Hey girl!!! New here from the 2014 blog challenge! I'm your newest follower and I so look forward to reading future posts :)

    1. Hi Heather, Nice to meet you! I'll head off to check out your blog now! :)

  3. Haha aw, cute kids and cute pup! My niece didn't like water around that age later but now she's a total fish.
    Sounds like a busy day (but then, all of your days are prob. really busy lol)
    Still don't get the elf on the shelf thing :x
    atelier zozo

    1. I'm pretty sure she'll love the water - we have so much of it here after all, haha! And's kinda busy most days here. :)


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