Best Sellers List 2014: A Book You Must Read!

Yes...I am basically reposting my post from my art site. But I want to get this out there to as many people as possible. So you'll just have to bear with me on this one!

I want to tell you about a book you just have to read. Honestly, this story will change your life. will make you feel a big range of emotions and that's pretty great for a book. Nothing like reading something that makes you cry and laugh and makes you want to turn the next page just to see what happens next. You know the kind of story I mean... one that you just can't put down, you just have to keep reading no matter how late it is and how tired you are because you just want to see where it goes. This is that kind of story.

The title of the book is A Long Way To Goulacullin and it's a true story. Not based on a true story, but an actual for reals 100% honest true tale. I know this because I know the author. He is an amazing person who I respect, admire and love. The author is my Father and in this book he tells the story of his life. I could go on for days quite literally about the story, but I'll let his words tell you what it's all about instead.

'The seasons of my life have passed by so quickly, and now as I reach the autumn of my life, I reflect on what has been and what might have been.
I have been lucky and am somewhat surprised that I have made it this far on my journey of life. Now I look back and remember, on these pages, those that I knew and those whose lives were never fulfilled.
I am only one of a quarter of a million people who were brought up in the child welfare system in the 1950s and ’60s in Australia, and who are now referred to as the Forgotten Australians.

This is my story and the recollections of the years that are called by some ‘the good old days’!'

I have read this book and I promise you it will make you cry, make you smile, make you laugh and make you shake your head and wonder how someone ever survived this childhood, let alone became the man he is today. I promise you that this is a book you will cherish on your bookshelf forever. It is amazingly well written, heartwarming and emotional; everything you want in a great book.

That's my Dad there on the front cover with his trusty Ted, who ordinarily resides with me but is on a little vacation with his original owner at present. They both look somewhat older now but the years have certainly not faded their personalities!

If you like to read on iPads or other e-readers, then you can purchase the e-book for a tiny little $3.99. Best 4 bucks you'll ever spend. I guarantee it! Click right HERE to go to the site to buy it.

If like me, you prefer to turn an actual page and have the physical paper-ness of it, sitting all pretty on your bookshelf, then it will cost you a little more (but will be totally worth it!). Click just HERE to buy your very own copy!

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