A Mini Art Exhibition and Bernard The Elf Makes His Appearance

Late Sunday night, while everyone in the house was sleeping we had a visitor arrive! He didn't disturb anyone and was actually quiet as a mouse (but he isn't a mouse!). It was Bernard, our friendly little Elf on the Shelf, arriving to watch over the children for the few weeks before Christmas so he can report back to Santa on their naughtiness (or lack thereof).

On Monday morning as they got up for school, The Boy came into the kitchen as he usually does and exclaimed quite excitedly when he saw Bernard sitting in the paper sleigh he himself had made a few days earlier! Bernard had apparently accosted the sleigh, a cardboard reindeer that The Boy had made at the fete the day before, and the Santa salt and pepper shakers, and plonked himself into the drivers seat right in front of Frosty and The Gingerbread cookie jars!!

Miss Emily and Little Dude were very happy to see him, and just could not wait to see where he would be found this morning. Needless to say, Bernard got a little bit adventurous overnight, and he actually decided that he would brave a T-Rex transformer named Grimlock and it looked like he was preparing to battle Santa!!!

Ignore the cobwebs please!

He managed to get himself all the way up to the top of the window, and looks like he has quite good control of the mean and fiercesom Grimlock! The Boy is, needless to say, eagerly awaiting his overnight adventures tonight!

The other event that happened today was a mini art exhibition. No, not one of mine, but the lovely Social One is quite wonderfully talented in the ceramics department! She had all four of her works from ceramics at school this year chosen to be part of their end of  year exhibition! That was held this afternoon, and it was fantastic to see all the amazing talent. It makes me smile to see exhibitions like this, and to know that these talented kids have such wonderful encouragement and the ability to pursue their passion so well.

They had to make food from frogs, so The Social One made frog fries! I love them!

I was very proud of her work, she did an amazing job!

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  1. Awesome stuff by Ed, I still have the snake she made me years ago. She's very good at it...give her a hug from me....xxx

    1. She really IS good at it! I'm a bit sad that they didn't have enough students interested to run a ceramics class next year. She may have to do a course somewhere else so she keeps up with it.


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