Where Have The Last 4 Months Gone?!

I've always found it kind of ironic that when you are pregnant the time just seems to drag on forever. It seems to take way more than three months for that final trimester to pass, perhaps because you are waiting for this momentous occasion to arrive. Everything you do is centered on when this little human will make it's way into the world, and each day stretches on and on.....

And then the baby is born, and she is beautiful and amazing, and totally worth every bit of pain and sickness that your body went through to have her. But the time just flies by!

She's this tiny tiny little thing who has no control over her arms or legs or head, who spends pretty much every day eating, sleeping, pooping, and eating again. (And then passing out from all that yummy milk!)

And you begin to see a little personality emerge. Beady little eyes watch you and seem mesmerized by you.

 And you find her making faces at things and that's just so cute.

She still likes to sleep cuddled up, and there's no nicer feeling in the world.

And as she gets bigger you realise you are this little persons' whole entire world, and words cannot describe how much you love this tiny little being.

She watches you more than ever now, turning her head to see you when you come into the room, and trying to see where you are if she hears your voice. And her face just lights up when you get her out of her bed in the mornings. No better way to be greeted, no matter if you're a morning person or not (like me...).

And then all of a sudden she's four months old and she has this absolute personality, and she's so happy, and has a lot more control over her head and arms and legs.....and then you watch her roll almost all the way over on her playmat! And it makes you want to laugh and cry all at the same time. She's my beautiful baby girl and while I don't want her to get bigger, I know she must and it makes me happy to see her doing so well.

(But I still reserve the right to cry every now and then over how big she's getting!)

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  1. She is sooooo adorable! I can't wait to have a baby, one day!

    1. Thanks Chelsea! I'm biased, but I think she's pretty adorable too. :)


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