Phil and Teds Smart Buggy and Peanut Pram Review

Those who know me, will know that I love my pram.'s actually Little Miss Penelope's pram, but I'm the one who pushes it so therefore it's mine. So seeing as online reviews helped me make my decision when I was looking to purchase one, I thought I'd write a review for anyone who cares to read it.

The Awesome One and The Eldest One with Little Miss Penelope in her pram (peanut attached)

 Having had multiple children in multiple prams I knew what I was looking for in a pram for the Little Miss:

It needed to be compact! There is nothing worse than trying to negotiate a big bulky pram through a shopping centre, or small store aisles, or a crowd, or your front door......or fitting into the back of the car with 7 people as well! This one is fantastically tiny. You can see The Awesome One in the picture above: he's 5'9" and he has no issues pushing it around. I'm 5'2" and it's just the right height for me. It's only skinny as well, a bit skinnier across than he is!

It needed to be lightweight for the simple reason of lifting into and out of the car. It sucks when the pram is heavy. Your back is already down for the count after carrying around 7-odd pounds of baby, plus all that other weight and then going through labour. You don't need to add lifting a piece of heavy machinery to the ever growing list of why my back is sore...... you can push this one handed and lift it easily.

Aluminium and soft fabric make for a very lightweight pram!

It also needed to look great! I'll admit I love pushing the pram. It looks so nice. I know it doesn't affect how it works, but I just wanted a pretty pram!

I also needed it to be easy to clean: I know what toddlers and a sippy cup of water and a cracker or two can do. Not to mention what happens when you get rained on, or take the pram near a pool....mess is what happens! Smashed up and ground in gunk not only does your head in trying to clean, but it looks so gross! This one has this nifty little aerocore seat, that just wipes clean! The cushy rider seat insert is so simple to take out, you just undo the buckles and it lifts straight out and you can put it straight in the washer.

With the seat in front facing mode, and a cushy ride seat liner.

My list of wants also included the ability to be rearward facing. I needed to be able to see my baby! I know she's gorgeous and the world wants to see her too, but she's mine and I want to be able to make stupid faces and put on that silly high pitched baby talk voice to her while we walk and have her see me do it so I don't just seem like some crazed lunatic fresh out of the looney bin!

The seat has two (small) recline modes when rear facing.

I did think of Miss Penelope when making up my list of wants, and her being comfortable was definitely high on the list!  While it doesn't look it necessarily, the aerocore seat is soft. It's not hard stiff plastic and I love how breathable it is for our hot climate.

The peanut bassinet has a lovely soft mattress and soft sides which are fully supported by the aluminium frame.

The peanut bassinet attachment does look amazingly comfy. Unfortunately for us, Little Miss Penelope really didn't like laying down. Anywhere. So we didn't get a lot of wear out of it, but it collapses nicely so it fits perfectly under the change table for storage and we can forget it's there! I will say the mattress for the bassinet is a good snug fit, as it should be, it's soft and fits normal bassinet sheets, or a cotton wrap can be tucked in underneath. It's also completely removable in a second, so it makes for a great portable bed! It takes no time at all to put on the pram, and because it's collapsible it fits much more easily into the back of a car.

She certainly looks comfy in her seat!

I also wanted to make sure the buckles weren't easy to undo, and this pram has a special little buckle that can't be undone one handed, so can't be undone by an energetic toddler. It almost goes without saying that the harness is a 5 point safety harness and is adjustable and has soft strap covers. It's actually the easiest adjusting harness I've ever come across, and I think that's because of the aerocore seat and cushy ride insert being so easy to take out.

The storage basket looks small, but it handles two 3-ltr cartons of milk and other stuff and it has never once slipped.

The steering is great and I love that the wheels aren't rubber inflatable ones. Having to pump up a pram tyre is so sucky! And despite your best efforts to avoid driving over glass, we all know it will happen and you'll end up with a flat. Not in this pram! The moulded tyres handle rough stuff and nothing gets stuck in them! And yes, it does drive over grass without any issues at all as well!

The steering was another thing I needed to consider. I have pushed many a wonky wheeled pram and I did not want to repeat that! This baby can be pushed one handed and is smooth.

The last thing on my list was the price. It totally needed to be cheap but not look or feel cheap. Big ask I know. But I looked and looked and eventually it came up on special and I snapped it up quick smart! I would have paid full price if I had to because it was still cheap for a pram. I would not pay over $500, let alone over $1000 so a lot of prams were eliminated in my list immediately. The Phil and Ted's Smart Bundle (peanut included) was only $400 from them directly, but I found it for under $200 including the cushy ride liner which was normally $35, and with postage direct to my door, I think I ended up paying about $235 all up. So I saved about $235 off what it would have cost me to order it from them online with postage. HALF PRICE!!! And it was here in about a week. In case you are interested, here is where I bought it from.

Did I mention how much I also love online shopping?!

Oh, and lastly it folds up and unfolds super duper easily. You have to take the bassinet off, and with the seat in rear mode it folds more compactly if you take the seat out. Which takes all of 30 seconds. And then you can fold it up one handed, same goes for unfolding but it is easier with two hands. It locks for safety as well.

So that's it. My review on the Phil And Teds Smart Buggy with Peanut Bassinet. I LOVE THIS PRAM! And to top it off, you can even buy universal pram bags from Phil and Teds which means next year when we travel internationally with the kidlets, I'll be able to take my awesome pram without worrying about it getting damaged on an international flight.

So I hope you've found my review helpful. I was not paid for this review, all opinions are my own and I will happily suggest to anyone looking for a pram to check out this one! The new models even have coloured sunshade hoods!

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