My Current Project: Photos, Scrapbooking and The Kids' Albums

While I was pregnant with Little Miss Penelope I was pretty unwell and not able to do much. So I was kind of bored. So I did what I usually do when I'm bored and I thought about projects that I wanted or needed to do. One major one was to catch up on all the photos I have of the last four years, as well as the kids albums which I hadn't touched at all since The Little Dude was born. That's 8 and a half years!

I figured I had three months till Little Miss Penelope was born, I could get it all done in that time frame right? WRONG!!!

I was very gung-ho and sorted out all the photos digitally, which made me feel very organised. Then I printed off all photos from the past 4 years that I want to put into albums. I also organised and printed off all the photos for the kids' albums up until 2006. My theory was that way all the albums would be up to the same year and it would be easier to do if I broke it up into chunks like that. I figured that once I had all their albums up to that year, I'd then go and print off the other thousand odd photos I had yet to print and get their albums done to date. After that it would be easy to stay on top of it.

But me being me, I got sidetracked with other stuff and then I had the Little Miss......and the only album that is up to 2006 is the Eldest Ones'. The Social One has hers done up till her first birthday and I have yet to start on Miss Emily or the Little Dudes', let alone Little Miss Penelopes'!

I do feel like I am organised enough to get it done though, the photos are organised and I have some sort of a system so I can just leave it and pick up where I left off. My 'system' is this:

I have used brown paper lunch bags because I had them on hand. I know some people use cardboard boxes or containers, but the bags take up less space - important when there are 7 people in the house! So I had all the photos printed off and I sorted them into dates, and then put each separate date into its own brown bag and on the bag I wrote the date. Then I put all the bags in chronological order from newest at the front, to oldest at the back.

I also had separate bags for each of the kids' albums: in them are photos I've chosen for each childs specific album plus any other stuff like certificates from school, school photos etc. I've written the date on the back of each of those photos so that when I go to put it in the album I don't have to refer back to the hard drive to get the date.

I wanted to keep the style of the albums all the same, so the kids albums are all done in 'Polaroid photo' style, with little drawings I've done myself, and just a few embellishments here and there. Obviously I'm writing little things about them in there as well.

I am setting myself a goal though to get it finished (or at least up to date really!), and that is to be done by the time we take our trip to America next year. So what do you think? Can I get it done in 11 months without getting sidetracked again!?

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  1. So many memories...! Yes, you can do it :o) xxx


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