A Very Cranky Baby

It's been kind of hot here the last few days; a definite taste of the summer that's just about to hit. I love it personally, but I think Little Miss Penelope has struggled with it a little bit. Today was a fair bit cooler, but she was very cranky and unsettled all day and I think she was generally feeling under the weather.

Even though I've done it before, it's still really hard to not stress a little when your baby is so upset and unsettled. It's not like she can tell me what's wrong and while I like to think I have it all together, when a baby cries inconsolably it's pretty easy to let yourself get worked up as well.  Especially when my normal approach of just holding her doesn't seem to make her happy.  Once The Awesome One got home from work he took over Penelope duty and she did seem to enjoy some cuddles with her Daddy. Then it was time for a bottle and bed.

She is fast asleep in her bed now, although because she was so overtired it seemed to take forever to get her to shut her eyes.  But once she fell asleep, she relaxed and went back to being my calm and easy to manage little baby.

There was about twenty minutes earlier in the afternoon where she seemed like she might be happier, so I put her down on her owl mat on the floor, and The Boy came over to amuse his baby sister. He's taken to reading to her which she seems to really enjoy. She was listening very intently to him reading 'The Monster At The End Of The Book', and I took some photos because it was way too cute not to.

I love the way he gets so into the story while he's reading, and the way she turns to look at the book and at him.

Hopefully tomorrow she'll feel better and be all smiles and giggles again.

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