Immunisations, A New Studio Workspace and A Parcel In The Mail!

It's been a reasonably quiet few days here, which has been nice after the chaos of our Halloween Party preparation, and then a house inspection a few days later!

On Friday the doorbells (aka Rex and Veronica) alerted me to the ever friendly parcel delivery man on our doorstep. I think he always gets a kick out of me opening the door before he knocks, thanks to the insanely loud crazies that call themselves our guard-dogs. So when I opened the door he smiled, handed me a box, and said "Have a nice day!"

I was smiling before I opened the box because a) I knew who it was from based off the handwriting, and b) the way the postage had been paid on the box was awesome!

I thought it was really cute to stick cool stamps all over the box instead of just the little postage paid sticker in the corner! I have since learned that it was the local post office who did that. The people who work there must have a bit of a sense of fun about them.

So the package was from my lovely Mother who has just returned from her amazing trip to Italy and England. She had sent a bunch of goodies for us all!

Little Miss Penelope was very happy with her Steiff bear and Peter Rabbit soft toy, as you can see from the photos!

Of course the other children were at school at the time, so we set out all their gifts from Nana and ushered them into the lounge room after school to surprise them. They were very excited! They love their presents (as do we!), and it was all the more exciting because it not only came from Nana, but from overseas as well.

On Saturday we had a relaxing day and did nothing! (Well....the Awesome One actually spent the day at work, but I did pretty much nothing except be a taxi for the Eldest One going to work- that counts right?!)

And then on Sunday The Awesome One really lived up to his name by both suggesting and implementing the move of some of my art supplies inside the house, instead of out in the studio. The theory there being that 1) Little Miss Penelope is too little to spend her days outside and 2), I have a lot of my stuff everywhere anyway so why not make a dedicated space in the house?

Doesn't it look pretty? 

We have completely multipurposed the family room; we took the couch out and will be replacing it with a couple of bean bags - AWESOME! The room still has the kids' tv, game console and dvd player, along with Little Miss Penelopes' change table and her toys. It's also usually where the pram lives when it's not living in the car. Plenty of room for the kids to be in there, for me to be in there during the day with the Little Miss, and more importantly when she starts crawling and walking there will be a safe place for her to play and me to work all in lovely harmony.

I have named it Baby Action Central, which I think has a much more fun ring to it than the plain ol' family room. Don't you?

And so then today Little Miss Penelope had her 4 month immunisations. I hate it, but at the same time I'm such a big immunisation advocate. I hate it because she cries and feels a bit off for a day or two. But it's oh so important, and a little uncomfortableness now is far better than the diseases that used to be.

She actually didn't cry that much this time. My friend Claire works at the medical centre where we go, and when the nurse gave Miss Penelope her jabs, Claire simultaneously glared at the nurse and made Miss Penelope giggle with her Scottish accent.  She was then ok for most of the day, only getting a bit grizzly towards late afternoon. Some baby Panadol, a bottle and early bed fixed that, and she is, dare I say it, sleeping like a baby now! ;)

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  1. I'm glad that you all liked your presents and I love that Miss Penelope wants to eat Peter..! The box looks amazing with all those stamps, I'll have to tell them at the PO that you loved it.. :o)

    1. You can tell them I expect all our parcels to look like that from now on please! :)


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