Baby Rice Cereal is Apparently Delicious.

Little Miss Penelope had her first taste of actual food today - if you can call baby rice cereal food that is. It's really kind of blah looking. Kind of like what happens when you blend up paper scraps and water to make recycled paper in those kits the kids get.

She doesn't have a high chair yet, so I plonked her baby swing chair on the table (and made sure to lock it in place; swinging and food might not be such a good combination!), and strapped her in. She seemed a little concerned at first, but maybe that was at the ridiculously high pitched voice I was talking to her with. 

 I told myself I was getting her excited about eating by being all squeaky at her....but I think just quietly that I was psyching myself up to give her food because I can't believe she's old enough to be having it just yet!

So nothing left for it except to see what she thought. First spoonful and she was a little unsure....

 Then she figured out she should swallow it and what do you know?! She seemed to actually like the taste!

She also seems to very much like the taste of her own hands though, so I'm not sure if her judgement can be trusted all that much....

 Then she decided this eating caper was a pretty good deal and started to smile and 'chatter' to me. She seemed quite impressed by now and was happily opening her mouth before the spoon got there.

Then after about a third of the bowl was gone, she decided she was done. She let me know this by spitting it straight back out of her mouth. Good thing for the bib. We'll see what happens tomorrow when she has more on an idea of what's going on!

And yes, in answer to your unasked question; I will still make sure to feed her after the other children are at school, like I did today (despite their dis-contentedness with that idea). I imagine with them looking on and encouraging her, much much more food would have hit the bib than the mouth, so we'll save that for when she's had a bit more practice at this eating gig!

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  1. pretty good stuff then? can't say I blame you waiting for the kidlets to be out of the house, it's not nice eating while you're being watched..! :) xxx

  2. I think she'd be perfectly fine being watched - she's kind of into attention! But it would drive me up the wall, hehe. :)


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