A little bit of chaos!

It's been almost a week since I posted on here and the reason is simple: this week was chaotic!

We discovered that despite enjoying it very much, baby rice cereal does not agree with Little Miss Penelope!! And that meant everyone was unhappy.

She already has a few digestive issues - nothing major, just a little bit of pooping trouble thanks largely to the extra iron in her formula. (Although to be fair, she had pooping issues when she was still breastfed too!) So apparently when silly Mummy decided to give her rice cereal she didn't take into account the extra iron in that as well, and factor in what that might do to her already delicate digestive disposition!

So by the end of Wednesday I had figured out what the problem was and why my lovely little baby girl was so inconsolable all week. She has cried and cried and cried, and only wanted to be held. Which is all well and good, except for the fact that 1) she's heavy and it's a killer on your back, 2) there is so much stuff that needs to be done and 3) she doesn't want you to sit and hold her, she wants you to stand- more back killer right there!

She wouldn't even settle in her sling that she normally loves being held in. So this week has been a long one! And to top it off, my ankle has been killing me, so combine a cranky sore tummy baby, with a sleep deprived and in pain Mummy, and you have a very unhappy household!! Nobody was safe from the wrath; there was yelling and arguing and built up frustration coming out from all angles! (Not to mention the state of the house - it's so messy right now!)

But she finally pooped and she finally settled and so yesterday evening we took the younger children up to Ikea to get a cot and a highchair for the Little Miss. The oldest two were off with friends for the night, so the little kids thought it was a wonderful excursion to go to Ikea and have dinner there! We got home late and everyone was cranky again, but after a good sleep we all feel much better! Well, aside from The Awesome One who is at work so probably doesn't feel so awesome right now. :)

And Little Miss Penelope is asleep in her new bed for the very first time! I have been kind of sad that she's too big for her bassinet at 4 months old, but when I put her in that cot and saw how tiny she really is, it kind of made me feel better! She is still such a tiny little baby and while she's getting bigger every day, she is oh so little in the grand scheme of the big wide world (as they all are really), and that's perfectly ok with me. :)

Oh, and just as a side note, we have now held off on the rice cereal and I think we'll give her some avocado or banana next week instead!

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  1. poor poppet, hugs and kisses from nana (for her mummy too) she really looks cute in there though …

    1. She does look very cute, and she seems to be much happier in it - she has more room to flop her arms around in her sleep. Especially seeing as she sleeps like I do, with her arms up over her head! :)


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