1st Annual Wherry Halloween Party!

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Yep, you read right, this will be an annual thing! We had so much fun, and although it may have seemed like I was going a little overboard with the decorations it was totally worth it. 

Our Jack-O-Lanterns all lit up

Everyone got right into the spirit of it and dressed up, which definitely made me a happy little Vegemite!

The only photo where we are all looking in the same direction, even though there were about 6 taken!

I did so much preparation for the party; I made 9 full and part costumes (mostly tutus so I loved doing them!) as well as making labels for the drink and decor jars and my Mummy. On Friday we spent the day decorating, and almost ran out of time to get ourselves ready! But we did, and all the effort really helped to make the party. 

Little Miss Penelope was so tired because she hadn't really slept much at all during the day wanting instead to be in on the decorating action (as much as an almost 4 month old can be anyway!). So she spent the first hour or so of the party crying and being really grizzly. And then she fell asleep and stayed asleep in her pram right up until almost everyone had gone home which was awesome!

When she finally conked out, she was out!

We had the whole gammut of kids ages at the party; from Little Miss Penelope and toddlers Siena and Zac, to little kids between the ages of 6 and 12, and then a whole bunch of teenagers! That meant that we hardly saw them at all, as they were all off in various parts of the house and yard doing their own thing. Until apple bobbing. Then we saw quite a few of the younger ones!

Despite the gross and gory names, the food was delicious, the drinks were flowing and an awesomely fun time was had by all. We had a Best Dressed competition, which was won jointly by the Big Bad Wolf and Miss Siena the most adorable scarecrow you've ever seen. Paul the Big Bad Wolf took home the perpetual trophy, to be returned next year and passed on to the next winner. Several people are planning their costumes for the next party already, and yes, that would include me!

Our Menu included such delicacies as marinated bat wings, dead mens' fingers, putrified toad bile, zombie burgers, fried maggots and roasted eyeball salad, along with roasted flesh and jack-o-latern vomit.

The Brain Jelly looked totally gross and disgusting yet some of the children were still game to try it. It was gross and not overly edible apparently. I took their word for it.

So the moral of the story is that we will have to come up with more props and top ourselves each year until we cannot possibly out-do ourselves. I love Halloween!

Enjoy the photos!

I'm not quite sure, but I think WonderWoman and Batman are communicating telepathically.

And I think WonderWoman is summoning all her super powers here, although I'm not quite sure for what purpose.
Boney was just hanging around....by a noose
Ak-Mun-Ra the Mummy just lurked quietly in the corner greeting unsuspecting guests

Happy Snaps
And some more happy snaps

At the end of the night (after his late night climb onto the roof), proving that he really is a superhero, Batman set to work changing a nappy!

Happy Halloween!

 Sarah :)


  1. You truly are Wonder Woman! Looks like you put together a great party... love the costumes!

    1. Thanks! I do think I bit off a little more than I could chew in terms of the time I left myself to get it all done, so next year the challenge is to be a bit more organised!


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