Pumpkin Carving!

Today we carved pumpkins! This year the kids were not anywhere near as grossed out by the goop as they were the last time we carved them, and were even telling Miss Emily's best friend Olivia to "just scoop it out with your hands!"

 Little Miss Penelope was kind of cranky so she had a bottle and went to bed, and the rest of us set about making Pumpkin faces!

The adorable Miss Siena was very interested in what was going on, that is until she got sidetracked finding other things to make mischief with! Well....she is a toddler of course!

No, Marny really isn't going to murder anyone with that knife......

Miss Emily scooping out her 'gunk'
Miss Siena quite enjoyed seeing what she could get into while no one was looking!
The Boy just needed a little help but he got most of it out himself
The Social One getting her hands dirty
Twin looks of concentration from Marny and Olivia
Miss Siena looking oh so innocent with those gorgeous blue eyes

Then Little Miss Penelope woke up, and was kind of confused as to why she was sitting next to a pumpkin!

The Eldest One cuddling her baby sister
Marny and Miss Olivia with their creations! One is wicked, one is drunk ;)

Miss Emily and her 'cute' pumpkin
Little Miss Penelope looking a little startled at her older sister taking her photo!
The Social One and her pumpkin
The Boy and his, that he did pretty much all by himself

The Boy is very proud of the creations!

 So all in all we had a fun afternoon, and I can't wait to see them all lit up tomorrow night! :)

Sarah :)


  1. Looks like a very messy, but fun day...say hi to Marny for me..


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