Who Are We?

 I'm Sarah and I'm an artist. This blog, Our Happy Little Vegemites, is the place where I get to ramble all about my insanely awesome family, and possibly just a little bit about how crazy lucky I am.  This is a place where I can talk about what goes on in our chaotic but-wouldn't-have-it-any-other-way life with my amazing husband and five children and tell you all how much I truly do love my life. 

So yeah, you read that right.  I have FIVE little people running around, although in all honesty, only a couple of them are still really little. 

There's The Eldest One, who has just turned 17 and is a fantastic help mostly all the time (except for those times she's being a moody teenager!)
Then there is The Social One, who is 15 and a half. She is my happy child, the one who wants to do everything with everyone and a smile on her face almost all the time (except when she's being a moody teenager!!)
Then there's Miss Emily, who is just about to turn 13, and is still mostly full of wonder at the world and has not quite hit the moody teenager phase (but I'm sure she will!)
And then there's The Boy, or Little Dude as he gets called a lot. At 9 and a half, he's still a little boy, but growing up quickly. He is definitely an old soul, and so smart we sometimes forget he's only 9. 
The baby is lucky last....Little Miss Penelope. She is just over 15 months old, and she is going to be quite spoilt I think.. She does love having a house full of siblings to keep her amused but is prone to a little bit of over stimulation! 

Then there's The Awesome One. So called because he moved across half the globe to be with us. He is a wonderful step-father to the older four, and the best Daddy to Little Miss P. I think he must be a little crazy to have jumped head first into a house with four children, let alone 3 girls in there, but that's okay. We're all a little crazy here so he fit right in. 

I can't forget the pets as well; we have two dogs. A Border Collie and a Border Collie x Kelpie, named Rex and Veronica. Rex is The Needy One, and Veronica is The Simpleton. We also have currently one Hermit Crab, George. He is quite big, and so just a little scary looking. But he is the last in a relatively speaking, long line of Hermit Crabs to occupy
 the fish tank without water. First there were two.... then there was one... so we got another one. We ended up calling him Cannibal because he ate his predecessor. So then we waited a while and got George, who proved payback is a bitch and ate Cannibal. Hence the reason George will be the last......it's just so stressful!

So ... anyone who knows me, will testify to the fact that I like to talk....anyone who has ever received an email from me will know I write like I talk! 
I can ramble on for quite a while when it's something that interests me, and I definitely have a passion for talking about my family! I like to share ideas, tips I've used, things that have worked for us or haven't worked, pictures of my crazy life and general stuff. So if you like to read about all that kind of stuff, then you will be well pleased to grab some coffee and stay a little while.

Follow along with me, and please leave me comments because it absolutely makes my day! Click on the super spacey (haha, I know...) images below and they will magically take you to the other places on the vast galaxy of the internet where you can find and follow me.

Sarah :)




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